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Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting Started With Android Development

For those just getting their feet wet on Android Development, here is a list of places to visit to get you started.
By following these links you will go from hello world to applying some of the key features of most Android applications.

  1. Setting Up Your Machine
  2. Hello World
  3. Menus and Layouts - The Next step after hello world is to organize a real app. This tutorial provides insight into menus and layouts.
  4. Tabs - Menus and Layouts are great but with a lot of info to show on low real estate tabs make a difference.
  5. 10 open source Android Apps - These are 10 apps that show you some of the interesting things you may want to do in your app

If you have any tips, resources, or sample code you would like to share with the guild please email them to Susan Fischer at and we will add them here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Android update 17 and Cannot Rename Folder

I did quite a lot of searching for the solution and finally found it on a comment at:
Issue 4410: folder failed to be renamed or moved on SDK install

Here is the solution provided by Marty MacGyver:

Comment 13 by, Mar 29, 2010
I had the same problem: the latest update failed to install because it couldn't
rename the tools folder in android-sdk-windows. I'm using Avira antivirus and
disabling it didn't help, but I don't think it had anything to do with the AV program
Fact is, running the Android SDK setup apparently uses items in the
"android-sdk-windows\tools" directory. I'm on Win 7 x64 so maybe that causes some
unique situation - I'm not sure.
- I made a copy of the tools folder itself (keeping it at the same directory tree
level, thus "tools" and "tools-copy" were both in the "android-sdk-windows" folder).
- I ran Android.bat from that copy
- I ran the update without problems (it updated the original,
not-being-used-at-the-moment tools folder, among whatever other items it needed to).
- I closed the SDK, deleted the folder (I had to kill the adb.exe process first - not
sure why that always persists but you can't delete the folder without doing that).
- I restarted the SDK from the normal (now-updated) tools folder. Worked like a charm!
Note that simply killing adb.exe was NOT sufficient to get around the original
issue... only by copying the tools folder and using the copy to run Android for the
duration of the update process was enough to rectify the problem.
I hope this helps others... it's quite vexing to have to spend time resolving basic
issues like this just to run an update.

Hope it helps you install your update. If you have any tips tricks or resources you would like to share with the guild please email them to Susan Fischer at

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

market now missing from desktop

Android is great but sometimes google makes bad decisions.
like today when they upgraded market to play. all the sudden the desktop icon is gone.
this will prompt you to search the applicationd. not there
if you have gesture you may be tempted to use that. but when you find it this will not run.
it turns out the solution is simple.
in the applications look for play store.
this is the new market drag it to your desktop to replace the hole google left.

next time warn people of upgrades or at least replace the icon properly.