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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Introduction To Android

There has been a lot of buzz over Android. The hope here is to clear
up some of that mystery and help us all start using it for our mobile development.
It is my hope that we can share tips/tricks, assistance, job leads with each other through the guild. First let's start off with a couple questions and answers.

Question: What is Android?

Android is a software stack for mobile devices. The hope is that there will be a standard api that will allow mobile development across a large number of devices with one api.

Question: Why is this so important?

Back when I worked at Classwave Wireless and Bluetooth first came out there were so many phones, stacks, sdks, all programmed in different languages and all having different features. Most of our time was spent trying to make our apps work on all of them. With Android, you can focus on application development not what device you are on. This gives us the ability to create apps faster and have more time to spend on design.

I have only started to delve into the SDK but so far it looks awesome and this is only a first edition. I look forward to sharing and collaborating in this new era of computers. If you have any tips/tricks, ideas for articles please email them to me at or or post them as comments on my articles here.

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